For all those of you that use Justis there are some important changes regarding the content happening within the next week.  The main news is that Justis will no longer have The Law Report series (Appeal Cases, Queen’s Bench, Chancery etc.),  Industrial Cases Reports or the Weekly Law Reports due to the publishers (ICLR) withdrawing the licence.  We will also no longer have access to the Times Law Reports, Sessions Cases, Parliament or Singapore Legal Information.

I have put a list of where you can find these series in other databases below but if you need any further information or instruction then contact Kate Jackson @  or the Search Our Law Reports and Journals database will also give alternatives.

The Law Reports

These can be found on both Westlaw and Lexis Library and you can access these from our database page or if you are not on the Oxford network then via Oxlip+.  You can use the search function on each to find the case using the case name or the citation.  For Westlaw if you choose ‘cases’ from the top of the page you can use the form to search by party name or citation.  For Lexis Library you can use the home page to search by party name or if you choose the ‘cases’ tab at the top it will give you the option to search by citation.

If you prefer to browse then on Westlaw if you choose ‘cases’ from the top and then choose ‘Law Reports and Transcripts’ in the lower half of the screen, the reports will be listed under the sub-series (for example under A for Appeal Cases).  On Lexis Library if you choose ‘cases’ tab from the top and then  browse on the left hand side they are listed together under ICLR.

The Weekly Law Reports and Industrial Cases Reports

These can be found on Westlaw, like the Law Reports above you can search for the case you want or browse in the same way (they are listed under ‘W’ and ‘I’).

Times Law Reports

These are available on Lexis Library.  You can search for the case using the case name on the front screen or you can browse.  Like the Law Reports Series, if you go to the ‘cases’ tab and use the browse button on the left hand side they are listed there.

Session Cases

These are available on Westlaw.  If you wish to browse rather than search then the Session Cases from 1907 are listed under ‘S’ for Session Cases.  From 1899-1906 they are listed under ‘F’ for Fraser’s Session Cases and from 1874-1898 they are listed under ‘R’ for Rettie’s Session Cases.


There are alternative sources that contain the information that was available on Justis Parliament depending on what you are after.  The Parliamentary Papers Libguide will give more information on the electronic sources available.

Singapore Legal Information

The Bodleian Law Library subscribes to the Singapore Legal Workbench which has all the cases and journals that were contained on Justis and many more.  You can access the Singapore Legal Workbench from our database page but it will require a password, this can be found on the eResources Weblearn Password Page (Single Sign On required).

Remember if you need any training on any of the databases then contact Kate Jackson @