The Supreme Court of Canada and LexUM announced just before Christmas that the Court’s Decisions website now contains all decisions since 1907, and judgments in leave applications since 2006. The collection is updated within minutes of the public release of the judgments by the Court.

“All published judgments since 1876 from cases which were appealed to the SCC from the British Columbia Court of Appeal have been added to the database, courtesy of CanLII and the Law Foundation of BC.  Appeals from the Ontario Court of Appeal, also dating back to 1876, were added to the SCC database last year.”

Click to try the SCC Decisions database

The LexUM site has been the main public source for Supreme Court decisions for 20 years, and is a very useful resource if you are away from the Library, where you will find the Supreme  Court Reports (S.C.R.)  1923 –  shelved on the main floor at Cw Can 100 C90.

For Oxford University staff and students, who have access to HeinOnline, Hein includes SCC decisions from 1876-2011 (as at January 2013).  LexisLibrary carries Supreme Court of Canada Judgments from 1876 to date, and on Westlaw, the CANSCC-CS database contains the full text of documents of all reported Supreme Court of Canada cases, from 1876.

To find out more about Canadian legal resources, you might like to use our Guide to Canadian Law.

Please follow the links below to see the most recent news and updates from:

Westlaw – including the news that the English Reports (1220 -1867) are being gradually added to Westlaw.   You will find that many of the reports are already available.  Any that are not there already should be added by the end of April.    In addition the journals The European Lawyer (2000-)  and The African Journal of International and Comparative Law (2005-) have also been added to Westlaw. 

The Westlaw newsletter also includes an item on linking between Lawtel and Westlaw.   These links are not working for us yet but  I hope that this will be rectified soon.

HeinOnline – including the addition of University of Western Australia Law Review.

IBFD (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation) Newsletter – tax news.

Other databases news including…

i-law–  has a new interface.  To remind you i-law include law reports and journals in the fields of insurance, intellectual property and construction law.  Titles of particular interest include the Lloyd’s Law Reports and Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Quarterly.

i-Law login

i-Law login

When you arrive at the new i-law home page browse or search to find articles or reports in the normal way.  

When you follow a link to a document a login box will appear with the message “the rest of this document is only available to i-law subscribers”. Do not be detered!  The login box will already be partially filled out with Oxford University’s details. Simply fill in YOUR OWN email address. You will then be taken to the terms and conditions and from there to the full text document.   

Globalex – has new guides to primary and secondary sources for comparative civil procedure, Malawi and Sri Lanka.

Please find below links to the most recent newsletters from…

HeinOnline Update – including 10 new journals and updates to World Trials and Legal Classics.

Westlaw UK 2008 Highlights – Summary of new content added to Westlaw during 2008 including Cambridge Law Journal, Leiden Journal of International Law and International and Comparative Law Quarterly plus new titles in the Common Law Library and the addition of PDFs of the Law Reports.

Please follow the links below to see the most recent news and updates from:

HeinOnline – In this issue the launch of Hein’s new United Nations Collection including the UN Treaty series, ICJ Reports of Judgments, Advisory Opinions and Orders,  UN yearbooks and more. The Law Library has taken out a subscription to this service so its available for you to use now.

Westlaw – including news that Westlaw now has International and Comparative Law Quarterly (which incidentally is no longer on LNB)  and EFTA decisions.

IFBD (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation)

We now have a subscription to i-law which includes law reports and journals in the fields of insurance, intellectual property and construction law. Particular gems include the Lloyd’s Law Reports and Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Quarterly (a title which has been on our wish list for a while).

To access i-Law follow links from Oxlip+ or the Law Library’s list of legal databases.   (If you are off campus you will need to log in to Oxlip+ first).  Once connected, in order to see full text and to browse the archive you will need to enter your email address on the left hand side and to click “Continue”.

From the i-Law home page you can either browse by choosing a series of law reports or a “sector”.   Relevant journals, newsletters and law reports are listed under each sector.  Alternatively you can search across all publications, selected publications or individual titles using the “Search” options.

If you have any comments or questions about i-law please do contact us.

Those of you who have been away over the vacation may also like to know that we have taken out subscriptions to the following databases over the summer.  More on these in later posts.

  • Oxford Reports on International Law
  • The Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law
  • All South Africa Law Reports
  • Sabinet eJournals (South Africa).  
  • China Law Info
  • World Trials (on HeinOnline)
  • Kluwer Competition Law

To access any of these databases please use Oxlip+ or  the Law Library’s list of legal databases. (If you are off campus please use Oxlip+ and be sure to log in).


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